Keysha Edwards Taylor

A native of The Bahamas, Keysha grew up in the entertainment arena. From her earliest recollections, home was always filled with music, drama, dance, and art. Her parents made sure she got the best education in what she was good at…music. Keysha graduated from Queen’s College High School in the Bahamas in 1987. She went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Piano Performance at the University of Miami in 1993. Throughout the Bahamas and some areas in Florida, Keysha had the honor of accompanying her mother, who was an accomplished singer. She also excelled in dance and was participated in a number of plays and vocal recitals that her mother directed and produced.

Soon after graduating from the University of Miami, Keysha married Charles Taylor from Macon, Georgia. In 1998, after the birth of their first child, this newlywed couple became very involved in the music ministry at their church. From the age of 14, Keysha had been accompanying church choirs and song services and composing love songs in the Bahamas. She now was able to continue her service as church pianist and music director. At that time Charles was a minister in training and about 5 years later, he became Senior Pastor at that same church. It is now Grace Communion International. The congregation is Journey Church – Miramar, Florida. Alongside her husband, Keysha has served as the Music Director for the past 20 years. She has, with the help of her husband and church workers, produced two Praise & Worship Workshops, written an Easter narrative play, and outreach concerts during Christmas and Easter seasons. As a ministering couple, Charles and Keysha have had the opportunity to be worship leaders at a number of church conferences. With a notable list of original praise and worship songs, she is now Director of the Worship Ministry at their home church and enjoys serving in the surrounding communities. 

In 2002, Keysha and her husband Charles compiled 10 original songs and produced a CD album entitled “Father’s Heart”. Her love and passion is expressing herself through music. As a woman of many talents including dance, sewing, and art, Keysha has also been able to teach piano privately from within their home. At the end of each school year, the student’s at Keysha’s Piano Studio enjoy performing for their parents in an intimate piano recital that is held at her home. When possible, other artists and musicians in the known community have been invited to attend and graced this private home stage to further encourage young musicians. She loves working with children as they have three of her own, Chakeyra, Kiana and Caleb. 

For the past 25 years, this native of Nassau, The Bahamas, has used her musical talent to uplift the Body of Christ.  Musicvessel Love, her stage name, has also been featured as a guest singer for local jazz band “Pure State Band” of Miramar, Fl. Keysha is now an award nominee Christian/Gospel artist and author whose focus is on her newly released EP album entitled ‘Deep - Songs From Within’. These songs accompany her life story book, ‘Deep Book - My Journey To True Inner Peace’. Within the past two  years of this project's release, Keysha has had the opportunity to share her story and music at numerous women's conferences across the U.S, and locally at libraries, community outreach programs and a few gospel music radio stations. 

Musicvessel Love is driven to take her music to world and aspires to produce and release her piano album in the very near future.